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Thursday, November 19th, 2020 5:17 PM

Cameras: Outdoor and Indoor

I live in MN and I recently purchased a whole SS kit w/ two (2) cameras and their "Outdoor Kits" considering the SS Camera page states they are fully functional down to -4F (https://simplisafe.com/simplicam-security-camera). The cameras do not capture motion at all (indoors or outdoors) and I've noticed something odd:

If you run around the cameras, wave hands, jump up and down in front of either of my cameras, there is no recording or notifications (I do have the service BTW). However, if you open the live feed up and do the jumping, waving, etc. the cameras will states "Motion Detected" and records a 60 second snippet but ONLY if you are watching the live stream. I've checked settings, moved sensitivity to high, reset the cameras, tested both inside and outside and the results are the same. I only get motion detections while live streaming the device. This means a few things:

1. Motion detection does work, but only during a live stream. Why?
2. The Cameras seems to work just fine regardless of outdoors/indoors and this seems to be a software issue.


Fix: The error is on me. It's a Privacy Shutter issue (they need to be open). Since they're pointing outside, I want them to record motion 24x7 but that's not default functionality.
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