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Thursday, June 17th, 2021 11:34 PM

Cameras cutting off

For a few days now my camers recordings have been cutting off after a few seconds... What happens is: When i go into my phone app to look at a recording from a camera that was taken earlier , it shows a few seconds of video then cuts off with a message, 'No Video" "we've lost this part of recording due to some internet issues with your camera" . This is happening on all cameras. any suggestions to resolve this issue would be appreciated! Thanks!

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3 years ago

Hi sj21,

First we'll want to figure out exactly where the issue is happening. Are you able to download the video recording? And if so, is the whole video playing?
Next, when you play the recordings on your online account, are you seeing the same error message?
The above will help us pinpoint where the issue is, between your cameras, your account, or the app.

We can then go down the route of troubleshooting the quality of your WiFi connection. We've got a handy tool in the SimpliSafe app, under Settings > Camera Settings > [one of your cameras] > Connection Strength. That will give us info about both how strong the signal is for that one camera, and how much upload speed is available for all of them.

As a reminder, we do recommend that you have a WiFi connection with an upload speed of 1.5mbps reserved for each camera - so if you have two cameras, you want 3mbps, and if you have five cameras, then you need 7.5mbps to run all of them at the same time, alongside all of your other devices.

- Johnny M.
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