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Friday, September 6th, 2019 12:39 PM

Cameras Blinking Blue

I keep the status lights on my cameras on and every so often one of them starts blinking blue and does not stop.  However, when I go into settings and turn the status light off, save settings, then turn the status light back on the light is solid blue again.  Is this behavior normal?



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5 years ago

@mdolfan, a blinking blue light is supposed to mean a video is being viewed or is being recorded.  Do you have a video doorbell or the Simplicam built in motion detection turned on? Either could trip and cause this.  If the answer is no, I would call SS support to troubleshoot, but would prepare with a specific date and time you noticed this happening.

Post here your outcome if you do call and have the time. BTW, I have not experienced this.

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5 years ago

You may want to chat instead of call.  Callers have been experiencing long wait times.  Chat is almost instant.  (Used it again today and got near-instant response.)


A blue "Chat" bubble button will appear in the lower right corner of your browser.

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5 years ago

Thanks.  I will contact customer support when it happens again.
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