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Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 8:39 PM

Cameras Alway On

I have installed the latest update without any problems, but today both of my cameras have the shutters open and are recording with motion in all modes.  I have double checked my camera settings and Wifi and everything is normal.  The shutters are set to be OFF in Home and OFF mode; On in Away mode.  They have both be On most of the day and are recording if motion is detected.

Anyone else having the same issue?  Anyway to correct this?

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3 years ago

Hi @Route 66 Guy,

If you haven't already, try the following:

  • Arm/disarm your system. This will ensure that our servers, and therefore your cameras, know the current state of your system.
  • Reboot one of your cameras. When the camera starts up it will check for the current state of your system. If that works, do the same on your other cameras.
  • Adjust the Privacy Shutter settings for your cameras. This will help make sure that the cameras know how they are supposed to adjust the shutter for each mode.

If none of the above have worked, consider contacting our Support Team for some further assistance. They can be reached at 1-800-548-9508 or Customer-Support@SimpliSafe.com from 8 AM to Midnight ET, 7 days a week.

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3 years ago

Thanks for the quick response....almost as fast as COPS!

Soon after I posted the question I heard my Base Station announce "Alarm Off" and the cameras turned off without me doing anything to the system. When I came home about 2 hours ago I turned my Away alarm off at the Keypad and heard the message that my Base Station couldn't connect to dispatch. I thought that was weird so I checked everything from my router to the settings on the Keypad and couldn't find anything unusual.  I rearmed and the disarmed my system in both the Home and Away modes and it seemed to be operating normally. I then turned it Off, but the cameras remained on.

There was obviously a glitch somewhere but now everything seems to be working normally again. It's electronics......!
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