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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 8:56 PM


Is there a way to use a local power source for the outside camera, such as a solar charger - any thoughts?

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4 years ago

Of course, but it's not easy.  I believe it requires an "doorbell" transformer or equivalent, and that is somewhere around 40 volt AC.  So you COULD simulate it with solar, but it would probably require a 48v solar system and a DC to AC converter, as well as a voltage regulator to whatever the actual voltage range is.

Easier would be to install a doorbell transformer if there is a 120VAC circuit near the door.

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4 years ago

The outside camera is powered via a Micro-USB cable. That is the same cable used on many phone chargers. Look at the Wall Wart that came with the camera. There should be a lable that says how many output amps (milliamps) the wall wart provides. Most any adapter with a Micro-USB cable that is rated for the same or more amps should work.

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4 years ago

Hi all,

Assuming that you are all talking about the Video Doorbell Pro, it does require between 8 and 24 Volts AC although we recommend that it has at least 16 Volts AC for optimal performance. While the Video Doorbell Pro does have a Micro USB port on the rear side, that port is only a service port and should not be used to power the doorbell. The reason for this is that USB power adapters will generally output DC voltage instead of AC. It will power the doorbell up temporarily but will, over time, damage the circuitry inside.

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4 years ago

Hey SimpliSafe Social Team,

We are actually referring to the SimpliCam indoor camera that can be used for outdoor monitoring.  I like kd5det's recommendation and would like to look more into that.  Please share any thoughts or concerns that you may have with powering the SimpliCam using an alternative Micro-USB power source!!
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