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Friday, May 14th, 2021 3:09 AM

Camera will not connect if wifi name (SSID) contains colon (:)

After literally hours of fooling around with my router (an Orbi which has no good way to turn off or separate 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz networks), I discovered that the camera was not able to connect to our wifi because its name contained a colon (:) character, though that is a valid ASCII character according to the standard. After changing the SSID name, I was able to connect the camera without changing any other settings, even with the dual 5/2.4 GHz on and using the same SSID. Changing my wifi name required reconnecting every other device in our house (a non-trivial task), but hopefully sharing this info will at least save others some time if they find it in a search or contact support...and ideally SimpliSafe will change the firmware to allow special (but valid) characters.

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3 years ago

Hi wollers,

Yes, this is true. Unfortunately the camera can't connect to WiFi network with either the SSID or the Password containing certain special characters - like the colon : and semicolon ;.
This particular issue is a side effect of the setup method. The QR code that the SimpliCam scans literally contains your account, SSID, and password info, and that information is separated by the semicolons and colons. So if there are extra colons or semicolons, the camera gets confused.

- Johnny M.
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