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Thursday, December 22nd, 2022 7:59 PM

Camera version

I just noticed I have 1 of 4 cameras with this version of software installed.  Is there a place to see what is included in this version?  Also, I noticed there is a option to display live view in picture-in-picture.  Are there details on getting this to work since I don't seem to understand how to do it.

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1 year ago

Hi @general_kaos ,

Looks like you're one of the lucky few that received this update early (which we might do from time to time just before an update is ready). I'll have an update post up about this soon.

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1 year ago

Sorry.  Update 1.  Live view on picture-in-picture is related to Android version of Simplisafe app.  Question on how this operates is still open.


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1 year ago

I have noticed one of my outdoor cameras have the new update but the rest do not, please for the love of everything make this update stop the every 3 minute death loop as we call it, I am about done with that mess. It's christmas eve and 20 degrees out and I had to go out a pull one down to delete it and add back and put back up only to have another one do the same thing a few minutes later, uuhhh done with the 3 min loop thing plus when it does the spotlight says on and kills the battery and mine are all hooked up to power or solar but at night it will kill a battery 

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1 year ago

How do I revert back to 1.10?  I used to have the dreaded "record every 3 minutes even with no activity" bug.  1.10 fixed that for me.  I was recently updated to 1.12, and that bug is back again.

Did you guys accidentally revert the fix in your software versioning system?

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