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Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 1:54 PM

Camera shutters

Does anyone else have a lag on some camera shutters.

For example sitting in off mode, live view each camera, some days mine open immediately then close as soon as come off it.

Other times they open immediately and either stay open or in today's test stay open for a few minutes then close.



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4 years ago

@dandyDons no lag on my 3 simplicams and doorbell.  Using Android app on Moto G6 Android Pie (9) with Google Mesh WIFI with pipe 80 down and 25 up.

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4 years ago

Nope. Mine open and close pretty much on command for manual start/stop of live view.

If they are triggered by arm/disarm then the shutter open/close time sometimes varies. Wondering maybe depending if they detect motion or not during that time.



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4 years ago

All is good with ours as well, opens on command, well as of now anyway

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4 years ago

So I worked it out.

In OFF mode, walk out room and open and close camera it does it fine.

Stay in room in OFF mode and live view if it sees you in live mode it will auto record.

I was basically not aware it auto recorded in live mode on motion detection until seen the lag camera had recorded for 5 minutes !

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4 years ago

Looking to get the camera and I have a question for those who already have it.  Does the camera capture video - let alone record it -  when the system is disarmed? Does it block video capture by mechanically closing the shutter or by electrically turning the camera sensor off?

I want to be sure that under no circumstance an image and/or sound is transmitted outside the premises when the alarm is DIS-armed.

Thank you

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4 years ago


You can set it to have the shutter open in HOME, AWAY or OFF mode.  its really up to you how you want to do it.

For example.

OFF mode - I have the camera set to do nothing, metal shutter closed

HOME mode - I have my indoor cameras set to shutter CLOSED (opens on alarm) but my garden camera set to OPEN in home so it can capture someone before they take the camera out as its in low posiiton.

AWAY mode - i have it shutter open on all.
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