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Monday, March 13th, 2023 8:20 PM

camera recording

if the system is in the off postion will the camera record when motion is detected?

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1 year ago

Hi @larry_koch ,

That depends on which camera model we're talking about, and what settings you have in place.

For the Indoor Camera, the recording behavior will depend on the Privacy Shutter setting. If the Privacy Shutter is set to be open in Off Mode, then yes, the camera will start recording when it detects motion. But if the Privacy Shutter is closed in Off Mode, then it will not record.

The Outdoor Camera, meanwhile, is active at all times - regardless of what mode your system is in.

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11 months ago

Let’s say I’m in Home mode, the Privacy Shutter is set to open, and the camera detects motion. Will that trigger an alarm or will it just start recording?

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Hi @Peter_O​, 

It's worth mentioning that neither the SimpliCam Indoor Camera nor the Outdoor Camera trigger alarms. However, during the event of an alarm they will always start a recording.

In this specific scenario you mention where the Privacy Shutter is open, your system is in Home Mode, and the SimpliCam detects motion, it will start a recording.

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