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Monday, August 30th, 2021 12:14 PM

Camera questions

Is there a way to improve audio quality speaking back to the camera.. Sounds like charlie browns teacher.

Also is there future plans to allow other camera devices to work with simplisafe, Like NEST and RING doorbell

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3 years ago

Hi jevescio,

Audio quality, like video quality, is partially affected by WiFi connection strength, so that could be a factor to troubleshoot for.

But in terms of camera cross-platform integration, we're keeping to ourselves for the foreseeable future with our own unique ecosystem.

- Johnny M.
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3 years ago

I am a new user of the system.

I have found no way to improve the audio. It is not very useful, quite honestly. Most burglars don't talk very loudly. And I doubt they will be bothered to try to find out why that tiny little voice in the background, that they cannot make out, is coming from.

Try shouting at the top of your voice. They MIGHT just hear you.

Hopefully, when the time comes, their voices will be drowned out by the siren(s) going off, and they will have the sense to "leg it'.

The cameras are pretty much useless for a "home monitoring solution' I.e. trying to remotely calm the dog, hear your baby cry or whatever,

I cannot comment on other camera supplier's equipment. I haven't tried this.

I am reasonably happy, thus far, with how Simplisafe operates inside the house. It is only when a real incident occurs that I will truly find out how valuable it is. But I do have reasonable confidence it is providing a reasonable degree of protection.

If I needed more than "reasonable' I would DEFINITELY go elsewhere and have a professional system installed. Somebody that the U.K. insurance companies respect.

But Simplisafe is "cheap and cheerful' with the added "bite' of professional monitoring (assuming it is anywhere near as good as they say it is. But based on my experiences with the new outdoor camera, And the fact that I am having to post through the USA forum because the U.K. link doesn't work - and they deliver yard signs in the U.K. with US telephone numbers etc.etc. I am starting to doubt this also - at least in the U.K.).
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