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Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 8:30 PM

camera problem

I have outdoor cameras around our home.  Our backyard cameras' battery only lasts about 2 months before it needs to be recharged.   Why does this happen?  Is there something wrong with it?



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2 years ago

@DavidKratochvil There are many things that can effect battery life, some that you can control: 1. Reduce resolution to 720 2. Use "activity zones" to reduce the area the camera covers 3. Use the "People only" setting for motion  4. Set motion activity to moderate or low 5. use night vision instead of the spot light and now the one you can't control: Simpisafe's design of the battery and firmware.  They designed the camera and provide the firmware, so their esimate of "up to six months" is no doubt overly optimistic, similar to every other company's claim for performance (MPG, batter life etc) and is why I planned from day 1 my two outdoor cameras would be AC connected, period.

You should call SS for support and troubleshooting and go their list of actions to take to extend battery life.  That said, I strongly suggest the AC or solar panel route. I am too old to be on a ladder and my idea of changing batteries during the winter in Chicagoland is not my idea of fun. :-)

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