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Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 3:42 PM

camera on desk top computer and not on any of my cellphone or anything using WIFI

Sometime I can see my doorbell camera and sometimes i get a trouble with internet. I can see the doorbell camera on my desktop computer, which is wired into the modem and router, at any time on the big computer.  On my cellphone some times I can see it, and some times it gives me a screen that says something wrong with server. When I first got the system I used to het that and I was blaming Simplisafe because it said we are having server trouble. But now I find out now I can get the cameras any time even when I can't on cellphone. Something different between WIFI and direct wiring to internet, I don't know if maybe a setting needs to be changed, but it dont always do this. Oh well hope I described problem well enough that some one might know what the problem is. Please help, frustrated.   THANKS !!!

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3 years ago

Hey larrybye1,

Thanks for stopping by. Could it be possible that your WiFi router is limiting either the number of connections or the overall bandwidth available? Or maybe it's something to do with the security settings.

If you let us know the make and model off your WiFi router, that might help us figure this out.


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