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Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 4:47 AM

Camera not working and faulty sensor

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1 year ago

Hi missmurano,

I see you've got two different issues going on here. Regarding the camera, my first guess would be that it hadn't been properly added to your system monitoring account. Indoor Cameras and Video Doorbell Pros can work as standalone units (without a full system), so it's possible that's what happened to yours.
I would suggest resetting the camera, and reinstalling. On the Indoor Cam, you can do that by pressing the button on the top for 16 seconds and releasing. For the video Doorbell Pro, you can unmount the unit and press the button in the back, next to the USB port.
When reinstalling on the SimpliSafe app, be sure to select Set Up a Camera > [type of camera], and make sure to hit Yes when it asks "Are you installing at [your address]?"

For figuring out that false alarm, it's a little bit trickier. The first thing to check is the Timeline event log (which is what that representative did earlier). You'll see the exact event that triggered the alarm, including which sensor was the trigger - by both its type, and what you named it.
So we're sure that a sensor did trigger, and it might have been named "Hallway Sensor". But since you mention that you don't have a hallway sensor, it might have been moved somewhere else? Or you might have forgotten that there was a sensor in your hallway.
We absolutely want to avoid another false alarm in the future, so it's important that we find that sensor, and then figure out why it triggered so we can stop it from happening again.

- Davey D.
Community Development Manager
SimpliSafe Home Security
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