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Friday, January 1st, 2021 9:42 PM

Camera Not Going to Infrared Mode

I have two cameras in my system, and one is in the basement overlooking the heating system.  At night, this area is pitch black, and the camera would normally go into infrared mode and provide an excellent picture.

However, the camera is no longer going into infrared mode.  Is there a way to reset it?  The system is about two years old / in use.


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4 years ago

I just checked the settings and both cameras are set to Auto for night vision.

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4 years ago

Hi @gfv2,

If you set the camera's Night Vision setting to "On", does that get the night vision to turn on? It sounds like the problem could be either with the daylight sensor or with the night vision itself. Either way, the first troubleshooting step that you'll want to try is simply unplugging the camera for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. If that doesn't do the trick, you can reset the camera back to factory default settings either by removing the camera from your SimpliSafe account or by holding the reset button on the top of the camera for 15 seconds.

If you continue to have issues with the night vision on your cameras, give our Support Team a call at 1-800-548-9508. They're open from 8 AM to Midnight ET, 7 days a week.

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