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Monday, December 4th, 2023 10:23 PM

Camera Disconnected Error

Unfortunately, for the past almost year and a half I’ve also had the same issues consistently with all cameras, and have noticed recently that my keypads are no longer running at 100% as they used to (they lag a lot which causes my alarm to go off) and have also had several smoke detector false alarms, sometimes at 3am.

I just this morning needed my front door camera to work, as someone came banging on my front door and I couldn’t safely see who it was, and the motion detection didn’t even alert me someone was there. I love the piece of mind SS offers, but it’s shattered useless when these issues repeatedly happen with no patch or logical solution. 

these issues need a software patch, there’s no way all of these problems many customers are constantly experiencing are user error or circumstantial. 

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7 months ago

Hello @malign_bugs01, 

Since you mentioned a few different issues you're experiencing, I converted your comment into a post of its own.

The "Camera Disconnected" error can happen for a few different reasons, like if the Wi-Fi router lost power or the Base Station isn't connected to Wi-Fi. In this Help Center article, we take you through the steps of troubleshooting this error message.

Regarding your Keypads, what do mean by lag? Does it take some time for them to say which state the system has been armed to? It may help to reset the Keypads by removing all 4 batteries from each Keypad and leave them out for at least 30 seconds. After that, you can insert the batteries back in again.

Our Smoke Detectors use photoelectric sensors to detect smoke. They sense smoke by detecting distorted light beams, so steam or dust buildup in the sensor could cause it to trigger a false alarm. We recommend vacuuming the sensing chamber in the Smoke Detector once a month to prevent false alarms.

The Video Doorbell needs to pick up on lateral movement, so it works best when subjects move across its field of view instead of coming straight at it. It can help to slightly adjust the angle of the doorbell so that individuals approaching aren't walking directly towards it. We have a Horizontal Wedge that addresses the angle of the doorbell, and our Support team can send you one free of charge.

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