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Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 1:19 AM

Camera Continues To Record Disarms In Standard Plan


I started my subscription with the $24.99/mo plan a few weeks ago and decided to downgrade to the $14.99/mo plan 2 days ago. Since the downgrade my camera continues to open it's shutter and record video when I disarm or test the system. A thumbnail of the recorded video is visible on the "Overview" tab of the app, however the video isn't visible via the "Timeline". Since downgrading I've restarted the camera and removed/re-added it to the account to confirm this wasn't a glitch.

My question is: Is there a fix for this unwanted recording/shutter activation? My reason for downgrading was for privacy reasons, given in the privacy policy it states SimpliSafe can indefinitely store video, despite it not being visible to the customer as well as a lack of options for actual deletion of the data (not just removal from the timeline).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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2 years ago

Hi User16116,

To clarify, when you remove a recording from your timeline, it may still remain for a while until the actual data is cleared out. But that data is already encrypted and locked to your account, and will stay that way until the data is cleared.

As for the camera behavior: It sounds like the downgrade process wasn't completed properly. So your camera thinks there's still an active recording plan, and it tries to send recordings there. But since the recording plan no longer exists, the actual recording isn't going anywhere. I'll check with our Support team and have someone follow-up with you to get this resolved.


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@davey_d​ Hello Davey,

Thanks for the response. To clarify, if I'm seeing a thumbnail in the app of footage taken when I entered, that means Simplisafe is still recording and retaining the data. If it was just opening and not recording, or not saving, I wouldn't see a thumbnail from the video the the disarm. I decided to return my equipment and go with another provider due to other connectivity issues and privacy concerns but I appreciate the Simplisafe support which has been very helpful. 

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Ah, sorry to hear that you decided to move on.


I was slightly mistaken in what I thought was happening. Sounds like what actually happened was that recordings had not been disabled at all during the downgrade process.


But we're making changes to protocol for our Support team so this doesn't happen again.

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