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Monday, June 13th, 2022 8:20 PM

camera connectivity

I am pretty new to this SimpliSafe system and I keep having problems with the WIFI connectivity to system I made sure I upgraded my WIFI for the best package offered to me we have no other issues with the WIFI however all my cameras keep disconnecting with WIFI 



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2 years ago

@shanemix87 your post was a bit short on details (type of cameras, number of cameras, internet pipe speed down, up, router (ie google mesh etc). I suggest  you call SS support and walk through troubleshooting steps, also check out the help center. It Another tip: use the connection check tool in the phone app. It will tell you the minimum speed recommended and if your signal strength and speed meet minimum requirements. it is quite useful.

If its connecting your base to wifi, again, call SS to troubleshoot.

Good luck and post your outcome here after your call with SS.


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