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Monday, November 21st, 2022 2:41 AM

Black Friday sales?

I have not seen any Black Friday sales?

Will there be any?

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2 years ago

Sadly seems simplisafe values new customers as opposed to current. May have to rethink my loyalty also.

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@mmcelroy​ if you're looking on the website, then yes, those deals are definitely geared towards new users. But if you're looking to expand your existing system, you should subscribe to our email newsletter! That's how we let you know of current deals.

Or you can contact our Support team and we can tell you all about the great deals we have today.

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Thanks Davey, I used the support chat link and saved 50% on the items I added to my system.  I appreciate the tip!

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Thank you @Davey...had my 50% off email in about 12 hrs after submitting my email for the newsletter. No it wasn't the 65% off of my total for a new system I paid last year but; initial set up was about 15 min., removal when I relocated 15 mins., reinstalled at new home same time and no wires or holes to run, make or repair priceless. 

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Are you serious????!

Well I am happy for you, but would can a SS rep please explain why the best they could do for me was 10% when I called the office on Black Friday? 

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2 years ago

Hope you didn't lose faith MM

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2 years ago

I’m getting very DISCOURAGED with Simplisafe. They had a Black Friday sale

on Friday which I missed, didn’t see it, called for cyber Monday (today) to buy a camera and THEY “WOULD NOT” HONOR THE BLACK FRIDAY SALE, 

 I then went on their website to Chat which did not work, then tried to email

them as suggested and that sight was DOWN. I am very computer savvy so it isn’t me. 


Not only did they lose a sale today, THEY MY SOON LOSE A GOOD A CUSTOMER!!!

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2 years ago

Getting very discouraged with simplisafe as a long termconsumer. I called for you to honor Black Friday sales, it’s cyber Monday nd you refused.

I tried to chat nd email and neither worked, I’m computer educated.

so you lost a camera sale nd possibly a good consumer.

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@vinceraneri​ Had the same issue but I signed up for their newsletter and within 12 hours or so I had a 50% off email for any add on to my current system including cameras for cyber Mondays sale. 

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2 years ago

Is there a way to get reasonable prices on the solar chargers for out door camera's? Also when are they going to fix all the false movement on the outdoor cameras. I keep them set on the low sensitivity and people only mode and everything sets them off. 

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@kristianson​ Same issue with me.

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