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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 1:42 PM

Black face plate for the Video Doorbell

I did not receive any faceplates with my Simplisafe doorbell.  The white doorbell sticks out like a sore thumb against my brick.  Where can I get a black faceplate??

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2 years ago


Unfortunately no, the Video Doorbell Pro is only available in white. However, if you're willing to go a bit DIY, you can gently pry off the existing face plate on the unit and paint it any color that you would like.



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@davey_d​ This is an example of marketing working in favor of a retail channel and, unfortunately often the case, against the best interest of customers.

Solution: SS Marketing needs to get on the horn with Best Buy and have them add a new SKU for the different color faceplates to be sold separately. Okay, charge an exhorbinant price like $10 bucks for a 28 cent part but make it available.  I get the required incentive but this situation is just plain stupid. (My apologies for my french......)

@laurabgist  I contacted someone who purchased their doorbell pro from Best Buy and confirmed they have the black plate. I will have it tomorrow morning. Will gladly mail it to SS for them to send it to you if SS agrees to do it. Please advise.


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