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Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 9:34 PM

At what distance should the Video Doorbell detect motion?

Motion Events = On
Motion Notifications = On
Day Sensitivity = High
Night Sensitivity = Medium
Motion Type = All Motion
Activity Zone spans 40ft linear out from the doorbell

Yet, activity and recording are only initiated when motion is within less than 3ft of the doorbell.

Running on a 16V-10VA electrical circuit.



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3 years ago

@obhogan222 Suggest you move your sensitivity down to medium for day. and people only  Mine is on that and it just picked me up at about 20 feet. Try it and post back if it made a different.



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3 years ago

I'm going to suggest that something might be broken and needs to be repaired/replaced.

What Captain suggests is worth it for troubleshooting but isn't acceptable as a long term solution, imo. You shouldn't have to accept that tracking everything doesn't work, that high sensitivity doesn't work, etc. Please contact support and let them work with you to try to fix or repair as needed.

Just curious, is this a new install or not? If not, has it ever worked properly? If it's new and it's never worked you absolutely should contact support asap to get it resolved.

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3 years ago

@Captain11:  Thanks for the suggestion, but changing those settings did not make any difference.

@Worthing: New install.  Been like this the entire time.  I have taken your suggestion and contacted support.  Thanks.
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