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Thursday, October 19th, 2023 3:22 PM

App Not Showing Camera Battery Percentage

I have an iPhone. Yesterday my battery on the app showed a blue battery level and the percentage at 50%. Now today I woke up to looking at my battery percentage and instead I had a black battery with no percentage. So, luckily when it gets down to 50% I charge my extra battery. Well after I replaced the new battery it never changed and is staying a black battery with no percentage of the battery. 

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4 months ago

Hi @hazeljordan974, 

If you refresh your SimpliSafe mobile app by pulling down on the home screen, does it display your new battery's percentage?

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@emily_s​ no, I’ve done that a million times. Tech support ran me through the wringer having me disconnect my outdoor camera twice and it never fixed it. It’s fixed now. It was crazy, I went on the help support site and posted my comment and within like two minutes when I got out of the support link, it was fixed. Spooky. 

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