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Saturday, January 25th, 2020 9:07 PM

App failing when installing new camera

I am trying to install a new indoor camera using the app version 2.29.0 on android but, as soon as the add camera process starts, it fails with "Unfortunately, SimpliSafe has stopped". Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?

p.s. I have another camera already installed so I know this worked in the last couple of weeks.

Thanks in advance!

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4 years ago

I don't have any idea of what's causing this problem.  I just installed a doorbell yesterday, I'm getting the same error message. I was told by SimpliSafe support it's been happening with Android OS.

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4 years ago

I am having the same problem as I tried to install the Doorbell Cam on Friday. I get the Blinking white light, go to the App on mobile device select My SimpliCam and when I select the Doorbell our a camera I get the message.

      "Unfortunately, SimpliSafe has Stopped"

I spoke with Support yesterday. I was told they did not know what the problem is and said they would send another Doorbell. I think the problem is with the APP.

Tried resetting the bell, same thing today.  HELP!!!!!
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