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Friday, August 5th, 2022 6:42 AM

All 3 outdoor cams "offline" but "connected to my internet" and not working after a "power outage" that was not detected. system whack


I loved Simplisafe until I got outdoor cams- now I regret choosing Simplisafe-- as its too expensive to waste this entire system and start new. I do not recommend Simplisafe anymore--I used to recommend it, but not now with the outdoor cams --plus system is whacky --going on alarm and making system status alerts unsolicited, on it own for no reason--no system outages, etc.--it never did that before!!

I wish I would have gotten ADT or Ring as my friends have that and they have none of the issues I do.

Yet another NEW issue with the outdoor cams (besides not connecting, and the delay in recording being way too long, the delay in waking up the camera, etc.)

I had to replace my base station yesterday (with the help of Simplisafe support) and it all seemed to be working fine. I asked if I had to reconnect the cameras to the new base station and the tech said they were all showing up and they all seemed to be working fine.

Now all 3 of my outdoor cams report a "power outage" at exactly the same time tonight (when I was home and there was no outage) and they are OFFLINE but connected to the internet. There was no power outage--I double checked with SMUD power utility and no power outage to my home and no power outages to my internet service ISP. cameras flashing blue like normal.

JUST NOW typing this-- my new base station I replaced yesterday, just said alarm off for No reason.  I did not touch any keypad or key fob or touch anything: that is why I had to replace the old base station as the countdown beep for the alarm would trigger itself for no reason. the system is not working right at all. NOT GREAT SECURITY. especially if your alarm goes off on its own when you are asleep alone giving you the fright of your life.

I wish I could have a refund on everything and get ADT. costs a little more but they take care of everything and I dont have to take hours and hours and days and days dealing with this system, trying to connect cameras, exchanging parts, etc. and dealing with system failures.

I have paid so much money for all of this and do all the work myself and then pay for monitoring too. 

Simplisafe: will you refund me for my 2 complete systems plus outdoor cams and sensors as none of it is not working properly and I do not feel safe.

I will return it all--its all like new--perfect shape except it doesn't work properly.


I have too much stress in my life to deal with this any longer.



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2 years ago

@MK_2022 Up front, sorry, I wouldn't touch ADT with a 10 foot pole based on my personal experience with them. If you bail on SS, suggest you look  into anyone but them.

That said, you have some serious issues with your system and ask if SS has contacted you directly? Posting in the community is one thing but nothing beats picking up the phone and talking live. Something has caused your system to go south, while mine, and many others, are working fine.  (SS3, had it since 2018, 30+ devices including 2 outdoor cams connect to AC power.

SS, how about a reply here?


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2 years ago

Hey @MK_2022,

I certainly understand the frustrations on this. After reviewing the details, it would be best for you to work with a senior member of our team. I'm putting in the request on my end now, and someone should be reaching out to you soon to go over your system and make sure everything gets back up and running smoothly. 

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2 years ago

OK will wait for help. thanks

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2 years ago

Just FYI-- during a senior member support team call, I found out that the system may state system status such as "alarm off" etc. on its own, unsolicited after it performs an update on it own--that is normal, so I dont have to worry about that;

however, for the alarm to be triggered on its own for no reason, is not normal and that is now hopefully fixed with the new base station. 

When I switched out the new base station, the outdoor cams needed to be removed and reconnected to the new base station, so the error was that that was not done during the base station switch with the Simplisafe support person (who was very nice and helpful) as the system showed them connected when they in fact they needed to be removed and re-added (just like all of the sensors needed to be re-added to the base station).

Also they will not refund any equipment past the return period but they will replace faulty equipment.

Hopefully they will be improving the outdoor cams with new firmware sooner than later so that it records and wakes up more quickly so its more useful/functional.

Just in case its helpful to know... good luck.

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