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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 2:45 PM

After power outage doorbell chime to base station stopped

This has happened two times, now. After a power outage the doorbell chime stops working with the base station. The first time somehow started working again after 4 to 5 days several system check testing I ran on the keypad. This time I still cannot get it to work. Is there a proper procedure when it stops chiming at the basestaion? This is really frustrating. 

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This has to be a software bug. When I did a system diagnostic using the app and the keypad, no errors are found. 

Also, I can access the doorbell camera via my mobile phone and can communicate with whomever is at the door. But...when I checked on the keypad for an System Update, it states that there is no WiFi connection. 

So, I had to search my WiFi network and re-entered my existing password. 

Now, the doorbell chimes at the base station. 

Shouldn't this be an automatic reconnection after a power outage since there was no changed to my network password? Also, why is it only in the check for update do I know there is no wifi connection even though I can access the system from the app?

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Hi @here2seek ,


Thanks for reporting. This is very strange, because settings, like the door chime on the Base Station, shouldn't be affected by a power outage.


If you cut power (say, if you shut the power off at the breaker), does the same issue happen again? If it's a replicable issue, then our engineering team definitely needs to hear about it.

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