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Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 11:31 AM

Advanced level of tech service??????

Is there an advanced level of tech service when you call in for tech problems? I'm tired of calling in for help and being told "we need to replace the item" and then when you get the replacement it has the same issue. When my cams were updated to the new firmware 1.10 it took care of my initial problem of delayed recording, and I thought that would be the last problem. Then a cameras audio got stuck in the on mode and wouldn't turn off, I called, and they said we need to replace it. I just received the replacement outdoor camera and before I could even get it mounted it was bad. It would be nice if they would actually try to fix the problem over the phone instead of just replacing them.  This is the fourth time these cameras have been replaced, if these cameras are that bad, they should remove them from the market and do some research on new ones before selling them to the public. I am so tired of running to the post office to return these cameras. It's really bad when the postmaster asks you when you walk in if you have another bad camera to send back!!! Would also like to add that I haven't had my system for 2 months yet, I'm not sure if i can trust this system anymore.



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2 years ago

@larrhurd first, let me say I am a 10+ year customer, had SS2, now SS3 and have placed over 30 other systems, many to family, friends and coworkers and yes, a few to then strangers and now fellow SS customers while traveling. That said, all have kept their systems and, with some issues aside, are all happy campers. If not, I can honestly say I hear about it pretty quick and only had to intervene on their behalf 3 times during that 10 year period.

As with any company, SS does have it's challenges and sometimes "definitely needs improvement" moments, as well as "gee, didn't expect that and I am a very happy camper moment."

Of course, replacing cameras 4 times is just plain stupid and the definition of insanity...not yours but SS. Suggest to stop the madness, you do need a prompt escalation to a specialist to determine what is causing the issue(s) you are experiencing. My 3 Simplicams, 2 Outdoor Cams and front doorbell all work fine; yours should too. Go to chat support (See right hand lower sige of the page. Copy and paste this thread address from the top of your browser into the chat window once you have get a support agent and politely ask for the chat conversation to be escalated to a techincal specialist and include your phone number.  If they say no, ask for a supervisor.

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@captain11​ Thanks for the info. They are sending another camera out again and I should receive it Monday. If this doesn't take care of the problem, I'm going to pack up the whole $2000 system I bought and send it back. Then I'm going to search for a new security system from somewhere else. There is no excuse for them to keep selling a product like this. I'm basically paying for a service I'm not receiving.

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