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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 11:27 PM

Adjust where grid falls on doorbell camera

I am hoping there is a way to change where the gridlines on my doorbell camera hit so i can record when a car is in my driveway. The grid currently hits where every car or sidewalk walker would record.

is there a way to adjust this? Thanks in advance!

Terry(Simplisafe newbie)

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2 years ago

@Tcccburkhart short answer, at least for now, is no. Only option is to change the direction the camera is facing by a bit. The grid as it is setup now works well for me, as I can have motion areas just a few feet in from the sidewalk and cover the entire driveway. The camera in the back of the house covers a good size patio and all back doors so the grid is not used at all.

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2 years ago


Thank you. Your reply reminded me that there was a blank mounting wedge to tilt the camera so i tried that. The gridlines seemed to fall in a better place, but somehow it unfortunately seemed to get worse. I guess i need to try tech support again. I have to be doing something wrong. Thanks again.


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3 months ago

Why have grid lines if they don’t work?  I have done that & set to low motion & people only and it still gets the cars driving by. 

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