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Monday, July 18th, 2022 8:01 PM

Access/ownership of doorbell camera footage?

After hearing about the problems with the Ring Doorbell folks giving police unfettered access to all doorbell footage, I am wondering:

  • Is all my video from my camera stored permanently?
  • Who has access to it?
  • Who has ownership of the footage?
  • Is there a privacy policy in place?

Thanks for your answers!



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2 years ago

@sellersattic A lot of good questions. First, videos are deleted approximately 30 days after creation. Note you can download any video you want. Second, access.  This answer is a bit longer in detail. You, of course do, and for that matter, anyone that has your login credentials.  Live streams, if you opt in to visusal verification, the monitoring company dispatchers during an alarm event and, in normal day to day operations, that's it. SS employees do not have access either, and since encrypted, IT personnel managing the servers don't either. Finally, we now come down to the legal area, and for that, I refer you to the SS Privacy Policy to read for yourself. The link may be found on the lower right hand corner of this page (in the black background footer). As I am no attorney (although I felt like one when I use to deal with ADT...feel like I have to take a shower) its best you read it directly.

If you have further questions, suggest you contact SS directly. 

Davey, if I got something wrong here, please correct me.


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