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Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 3:13 PM

5.0 ghz Camera and door bell??

When will a 5ghz camera and door bell be available?
I have a 3 node MESH system, Linksys VELOP on SPECTRUM 200 high speed fiber internet and the 2.4 does not work that well.  I am waiting on a replacement doorbell and two cameras.



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4 years ago

You will probably have to wait a very long time.  IF they are working on it, history seems to indicate it will take them 5 years or so.  And they are not eager to work on something "better" than what is "working now".  I could be wrong about SS future events (I was once just recently), but in general, expecting SS to do something differently than they are doing now at best requires the patience of Job and more often never happens.
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