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Sunday, January 30th, 2022 7:00 PM

Version 4.17.0 on Pixel 6 w/Android 12 does not receive push notifications

New Google Pixel 6 w/Android 12 does not receive push notifications.  I contacted SS for help and was told this was something they had not heard of so I contacted Google.  They ran me through the usual level 1 B.S. of clearing data, clearing cache, checking for updates, and ultimately factory data reset, all of which did NOT fix this problem.  I have also seen and tried multiple recommendations on fixing Google push (battery saver, do not disturb, etc). with no luck.  Then I just did a simple Goggle search and found posts on the Simplisafe forum about push problems.  Wait, what, seriously?  How is it that the customer service person I talked to knew nothing about this?  I am currently running SS app version 4.17.0 which was updated 6 days ago.  I also installed 2 back level versions through APK's but no luck.  I also saw posts indicating that I could set email or txt alerts via the website but this appears to be locked out on my account.  What's that about?  This really sounds like a Simplisafe problem to me.  Is this being addressed?

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2 years ago

Problem solved.  Back in September of '21 I downgraded my Simplisafe monitoring plan to the "standard" plan.  Unfortunately the Simplisafe rep did not tell me (or did not make it clear) that the "standard" plan did not include individual device push notifications and since they kept coming to my Pixel 5 phone because I NEVER LOGGED OUT there was no problem.  With the fresh login on the new Pixel 6 there were no pushes.  Upgrading my plan today turned them back on.

As great as the Simplisafe rep was today in helping figure this out, in my opinion Simplisafe is not completely off the hook.   If the rep had told me last year that I would lose push messages when downgrading, or had told me to logoff/login after the downgrade, this would not have happened.  Also, the SS rep that I spoke to last week, specifically about push issues, did not notice or realize that my plan did not include SMS messages.   If they had then the problem would have been resolved much quicker.   Still a great system and I will stick with it and continue to recommend it to friends and family.

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Hi gordon_shumway,


This doesn't sound quite right. The Standard Monitoring doesn't include SMS or email Smart Alerts.

But it does include Push Notifications through the SimpliSafe app (you can see details about what each plan includes on our Help Center article here).


When you transferred your info to your new phone, did you restore your apps from a backup, or did you install the SimpliSafe app fresh from the app store? I've seen it happen before, where the security token associated with the previous phone was copied over. But then, clearing out the cache and logging out and back in should have done the trick.



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@davey_d​ Very helpful reply and suggest you update this article.


It does suggest the "delete and reinstall" but not the why, or cleaning the cache.

An update to the article will make it more effective and helpful. Thanks.

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