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Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 3:14 PM


A Message to our Customers About Coronavirus

The situation around coronavirus is changing often, yet our monitoring centers are designed to adapt to situations like this with the most comprehensive redundancy in the industry. Our monitoring centers are disaster-ready facilities designed to do one job: respond to your alarms 24/7. And that level of protection will continue during this outbreak.

For the most recent updates on all SimpliSafe news related to COVID-19 (coronavirus), please visit our website: A Message to our Customers About Coronavirus

4 years ago

Can confirm:  I had an alarm condition a few days ago and the monitoring center was still fast on the ball in the midst of this crisis.  It was a false trigger, thankfully!

I'm back on here today because I saw the email for the steeply discounted camera offer, trying to get more customers to utilize the visual verification method.  As someone with pets that like to occasionally cause trouble, I jumped on the offer so that I can be more confident in the alarm triggers and trust the alarm center to verify what's going on in case I can't immediately explain the trigger.
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