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Thursday, April 8th, 2021 3:39 PM

window/door entry alerts

So, I was wondering. Currently when a door or window opens the base station just sounds a chime without really giving an indication which one it is. I dont know if theres a setting for this but can system be set to say for example : " front door" , " side door" etc like my previous security system did? I know its capable of doing this cause when i had in test mode and i opened a door, it told me which one it was but not sure how to have this happen all the time if possible.

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2 years ago

Dear CHASEG1, Your question is excellent. I have the same concern. My previous security system had the same sensor-specific notification when the sensor was activated, and my new Simplisafe system only beeps. When a sensor is activated, I want to know WHICH sensor it is, not just that 1 of 10 sensors has been engaged.  Does anyone have the answer? ChuckAZ

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2 years ago

Hi all,

Currently, that's not a feature of the All-New SimpliSafe system. It is, however, something that has been suggested to us a few times, and is on our development team's radar as a feature that our users would like to have.

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thanks for the response. At least now I wont go crazy trying to figure out if its something I didn't set up correctly. And please yes, if this feature can be added it would be VERY helpful and greatly appreciated

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Please add this feature as soon as you possibly can. I just installed my Simplisafe system and am very disappointed that this feature isn’t available despite my having to enter all the entry names specifically. This is very important to me as for example, when my granddaughter visits and if she opens the door to the pool, I’d want to know right away that it’s the pool door.  My old ADT system has this feature.  Please keep us posted.  Thank you.


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