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Sunday, December 12th, 2021 11:11 PM

Where to place a glass break sensor so it faces *covered* windows despite the opposing wall being far away?

I want to use a glass break sensor in a room with 2 windows + a sliding glass door on one wall. The opposing wall to the windows and door is 18' away.

My problem is if I place the glass break sensor on the opposing wall (so it faces the window and door), then it'll exceed the recommended 10' distance for when the windows are covered by roller shades at night.

Is there a recommended alternative for placing the glass break sensor? FWIW, the Simplisafe video's narrator indicates the sensor should face the windows but the video shows the sensor attached to the corner of a wall, with the window to its side.

I should add that a customer service rep suggested placing the glassbreak sensor above the windows. If that's indeed the recommendation, does the test button's orientation matter?


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3 years ago

Hi craiglichtenstein,

The Glassbreak Sensor is essentially a non-recording microphone. So while it's best to place it so that it's directly facing the windows you want to guard, it can really be anywhere that it can 'hear' the sound of the windows being smashed.

That's why the Clap Test is useful - so you can test the effectiveness in multiple spots. Here's how to do it:

  1. Place the sensor where you'd like to set it up.
  2. From your Keypad, set your system to Test Mode.
  3. Press the Test Button on your Glassbreak Sensor. The Base Station should announce the sensor by name. But pressing the button also lowers the threshold for sensing, so it can trigger even with a clap of your hands.
  4. Stand in front of your windows and clap. The Base Station should announce the sensor again by name, every time you clap.

Don't worry, the pre-applied Command Adhesive is removable, and we include a few spares in your system package in case you need them (and we can even send you a few if you need it!). So you can try different spots around the room.


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3 years ago

If it were me, I'd mount a fake beam or other structure to the ceiling to attach the sensor to at the desired distance.

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1 year ago

From what I understand, gb or motion sensors don't have to be mounted on a wall.  I have mine on a bookcase at a 45° angle from two, large windows but secured with adhesive (this is CA afterall). :)

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