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Sunday, May 14th, 2023 6:27 PM

Where is documentation on CURRENT version glassbreak sensor "clap" test and sensitivity switch / battery access?

Frustrating. New owner of system. Nothing happens when I clap hands right in front of the Glassbreak sensor immediately after setting Test Mode via keypad then pressing sensor button. No part of the "clap test" instruction at https://simplisafe.com/blog/glass-break-sensors ( simplisafe dot com /blog/glass-break-sensors) seems to be correct, including that the "little amber light" on the sensor does not appear to even exist. Where can I find correct "clap" test procedure, or is there no such thing in current version of this sensor?

Also, where can I find instruction or video on accessing the "sensitivity switch found under the battery"? (Even if that doesn't exist either, I'll eventually need to access the battery to replace it and I haven't found any documentation on that. I don't feel like risking cracking it by blindly trying to pry open the back of the thing.)

Links to actual simplisafe documentation is appreciated. If that doesn't exist, any help from the community is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

BTW I know the sensor is set up ok: when Test Mode is set via keypad, pressing button on sensor generates a "test signal received. Living Room Glassbreak Sensor" event as shown in the "Timeline" in the app.

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1 year ago

Hi @Skeptible, 

Dlpsr sent over some great resources regarding installing the Glassbreak Sensor, changing its battery, and putting it in Test Mode! You can also find a video explaining how to test every sensor here in our Help Center (the section about the Glassbreak Sensor begins at the 2:08 mark.) 

If your Glassbreak Sensor continues to not respond while in Test Mode, I would contact our support team so they can help you in real-time.

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1 year ago

Thanks dlpsr! I realized that my base station doesn't have **any** voice response in any Test Mode test of any sensor so that may be the only actual problem here. I tried the hard reset procedure (remove power by unplugging and removing battery) -- still no voice in Test Mode -- so I called the support ph. no. and they're going to send a replacement base station.


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