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Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 1:12 PM

what happens if my WIFI Service goes out frequently and needs reset?

My WIFI service is not the greatest and continually goes down.  I usually have to unplug the router and plug back in several times a day.  What happens if the SimpliSafe if WIFI goes down?

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2 years ago

Cellular immediately takes over. Once WiFi is available, it switches back to WiFi (rinse and repeat). So your system is always protected.

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2 years ago

@shiherlis​ is correct, the Cellular connection does take over immediately. I would add though that this only applies to those with Monitoring Service - either at the $17.99 Standard or the $27.99 Interactive levels. If you're on a plan with Camera Recordings only, or if you're unsubscribed with Basic App Control, the cell connection would not be available.

If your system loses connection to the service, it is still able to function as a standalone local-only alarm. That is, the sensors can still trigger an alarm with a siren. However, notifications and monitoring alarm calls will not be possible. That's why we strongly recommend subscribing to Monitoring, so that your system can stay linked and keep your home protected, even when WiFi goes down, or when there's a power outage.

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