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Friday, January 24th, 2020 5:01 PM

Water Sensor

Does the water sensor send a notification without a monitoring subscription? I have a SimpliSafe camera that works this way.
No history or multiple alerts, but at least I know if motion is detected. Am interested to know if the water sensor works the same way.

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4 years ago

The water sensor, when activated, will cause the base station to sound an alarm.  The sound of the alarm triggered by the water sensor is different from that caused by an entry sensor.  From my experience, it is not as loud and seems to be a higher pitch.

IF you have a monitoring subscription, it will contact monitoring services who will, in turn, call the contact number you have listed.  They will NOT, however, call police.  It will also send a notice to your cell phone.

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Will the water sensor send a notification to my phone without a monitoring subscription, the way the camera does?
My other sensors would sound an alarm. I don't know if they would send a cell phone notification, I haven't tested that. I don't think they would.



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4 years ago

No, the water sensor talks to the base, which talks to SS via subscription. The cameras talk directly to SS via a separate subscription.
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