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Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 3:03 AM

"Warning, entry sensor open" but devices all show as closed

This is quite annoying. Base station keeps saying "Warning, entry sensor open," but my list of devices shows all of them closed. Updating makes no difference. This has happened before, and I have to run around the house trying one after another, turning the alarm on and off etc. Right now I'm leaving it off until I can figure out a better way. Anybody have any suggestions? Many thanks.

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3 years ago

Mine does the same thing. I'm staring at a closed door that is reported as open by both the app and the keypad. Opening and closing, removing and reinstalling in software and physically removing and replacing the sensor with a new one accomplishes nothing. I'm working with tech support on a resolution.

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Thanks Eric. I think I'll try restarting router and if that doesn't help I will contact SimpliSafe. I wish mine would tell me what was open. Everything is shown in the app as closed yet the base station insists something is open!

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3 years ago

Hey dan_3643527413241,

Do you notice if it's always the same sensor having trouble? That can help quite a bit in figuring out what's wrong.

Assuming it's not a communication issue (where the sensor just isn't able to send the signal back to the Base Station that it's closed), persistent "Entry Sensor Open" can happen at any time when the Entry Sensor can't detect the magnet. So maybe the magnet has fallen off, or it might be a little too far away (you do want to keep it within 2 inches away).
Or one or both pieces might be on metal - particularly iron or steel, which can mess with the magnetism. For that, you might just want to try adding an extra layer of shielding - maybe  a piece of wood or plastic, anything that can add some distance.

But yep, our Support team over the phone at 800-548-9508 can also take you through the step-by-step to get to the bottom of it.

- Johnny M.
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