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Monday, August 3rd, 2020 5:18 PM

Using entry sensor for mailbox notifications

After looking at available devices to notify me when mail arrives, I decided to use a SimpliSafe entry sensor.  It is less expensive and easier to install than sensors designed for a mail box.  My mail box is on the street about 200 ft from my house.  I have been using it for about 2 weeks and it works like a charm.  Obviously, I turned off the Home alarm and Away alarm features.

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4 years ago


Definitely a great idea there. We should probably warn that our recommended operating temps for the Entry Sensor is between 32°F and 120°F, with 90% humidity (and of course, it's not at all waterproof!).

Not, that the sensor will stop working immediately as soon as the environment goes beyond that range. But you might need to replace that battery more often than our projected 3-5 years.


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Was thinking about using for partially covered gate but temps can definitely get below 32F.  Would it just stop working during that time and come back later when temp in range, or would it just kill the sensor?

Also, the sensor might get wet.  Then what happens?

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Wet us bad, high probability it will burn out.  But there are plastic covers which solve that problem (on eBay, last I checked).

As for temperature, it probably won't stop working immediately and may not be permanently damaged.  It is more likely to not work reliably, and battery life may suffer (or stop working if the temperature drops too low).  Note that Lithium batteries may be less sensitive to temperature than Alkaline.

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3 years ago

It would be nice if SimpliSafe sold a mail box sensor. I don't want my alarm going off in the middle of the night if someone opens my mailbox. But I do want a mailbox sensor! :-)



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@ anomaly7, I may have some good news for you.  I put an entry sensor on my mailbox and the good news it worked fine when I held it on the door and top of the mailbox, but it is metal. The metal sides block the signal. If you have a plastic mailbox you may want to give it a try. Also, would like to add an entry sensor and a door hinge works great on garage door!

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It's simple enough to set the sensor to Alert only. Then, regardless if the system is in Off, Home, or Away you will get a notification. Presuming, that is, you have the interactive monitoring plan.

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6 months ago

Installed the entry sensor today; however, the metal mail box prevented it from sending a signal.  So yes, I agree, having simplisafe do the homework would be a step in the right direct.

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