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Monday, June 14th, 2021 5:47 PM

Using door sensors to monitor locked display cases in a retail environment

We already use a monitored SimpliSafe system for our business - entrance door sensors, motion sensors and water sensors.

We are wondering if we could install another base station that would not be monitored but would be for door sensors we would place on our locked display cases.  When a customer wants to see something from the case, staff would turn off the alarm and retrieve the item.  If a thief tries to pry open the door, the door sensor would trip and set off the alarm.

So first question is can you have two base stations in the same area and if yes, is there any other retail business using for like purposes.

Thanks,  David

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3 years ago

Hi David,

We wouldn't really recommend having two Base Stations right next to each other, since that can cause interference. But you might not need it.

Have you heard of the Secret Alerts feature? It's an option for each sensor, where instead of a full alarm, opening that sensor will result in a notification, that you can get on your phone. It would replace an actual siren alarm, so you wouldn't have that loud alert going through your store, but you would at least know right away!

- Johnny M.
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