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Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 3:04 PM

Temperature Sensor saved the day

I just had a real world experience with Simpsafe's Temperature Sensor last week that is worth sharing.

I live in the Midwest and my wife and I were out of town.... 5 hours away.  When we left the outdoor temp was in the 30's but was headed down to 5 degrees. The 2nd day we we're gone I received a call from the dispatch center, that my temperature sensor had gone off on low alert (I had it set to 58).  Living in a 1910 house with hot water heat, means we have hundreds of feet of cast iron piping that runs in the outside wall.  With no boiler running and the temp getting down to 5 degrees,  the clock is running before the pipes freeze up and there is a major catastrophe.  

Luckily I was able to get my boiler guy over to the house and he was able to restore heat within the hour.  Had I not had the temperature sensor and monitoring, we would have come home to a nightmare the next day.

I always try and learn from my past experiences.  As a result, I moved the temperature sensor low alert to 63 degrees (6 degrees below the thermostat setting) , which would buy me another several hours of alert time....which could really be critical if the temp was 15 below with 25 MPH winds.  

Just thought I would share a positive story about Simplisafe and the value of monitoring.



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4 years ago

Awesome man and glad to hear that ss came through and ypu got home to a solid home and not a nightmare on your hands, glad to hear this.



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4 years ago

Thanks for sharing that - good to know!

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2 years ago

Any way to pause temperature monitoring ? 

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