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Friday, May 8th, 2020 11:42 PM

System says "Warning ....motion sensor not responding."

Upon arming/disarming system says "warning motion sensor not responding."  Any idea why this is occurring?  System is only a few months old.



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4 years ago

@numan27, the motion sensor is not communicating with the base. You should be able to use the keypad (or dashboard if you are on the 24.99 plan) to know which one it is.  Try changing the battery, and if that works, call SS to report it and they will send you a new battery. If that's not it, could be defective motion sensor which SS will replace at no cost under the 3 year warranty.

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4 years ago

The sensor may be too far from the base, have too much material (particularly metal) between them, or have some gizmo producing interference.  If the battery does not fix the problem, try swapping the motion sensor with one which does not give a problem.  That will show whether the problem is the sensor (if the same problem occurs at the other location) or the location (if the other sensor starts showing the same problem).

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4 years ago

ABSOLUTELY SAME ISSUE HERE !!   I have all my four motions set to max sensitivity. I can hold the motion in my hand and it still wont trigger !  Base station within range no issue.  We will have to get multiple motion units now.  Loosing trust !

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Same issues ongoing 2023.   Wow. Maybe time to leave to different brand.  So many years ...

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@newenglandtv​ sorry to hear you're still having the same issue. Have you already been working with our Support team? It would be super helpful to know what steps you've already tried, so we an eliminate some possibilities.

Also, where is that Motion Sensor located in relation to the Base Station, and what's in between?

And finally, it might help to know that the Motion Sensor works by "scanning" for heat signatures moving through the room. Immediately after arming, the sensors do need a minute or so to adjust to the room it's in.

I say this because you mention holding a sensor in your hand. When you're testing, you should really move out of the room and be completely outside of the sensor's field of vision. After a minute, walk in, and it should be able to detect you. But if not, then there might be an issue with the hardware.

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