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Sunday, February 9th, 2020 5:47 PM

System not updating settings or sensor health info

​error type: RemoteNoIp​



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3 years ago

If you have SS3, you can see your cellular via your keypad in System Settings.  If it's weak, you might call SS for troubleshooting, and/or requesting a different cellular module (i.e., if tmobile, then try the verizon module).  

Have you tried user-initiated tests for your sensors? (to make sure you're getting a signal, as well as call from Monitoring to confirm).

If you have SS2, you might need the new 4G-compatible module, call SS and ask, and if they tell you that you need it, make sure they activate the SIM (many users have reported they sent the SIM but it wasn't activated so users couldn't connect).
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