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Friday, April 3rd, 2020 3:06 PM

SS III How to test Glass Break

Installed my upgraded system SS III and like it!

I installed the Glass Break and it shows it in the system.  
How do you test the sensor once it is in operation?

I tried the old way of pushing the test button and clapping hands but does not seem to work with the new GB sensor


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3 years ago

Clapping works but you have to clap loudly.  You could do like captain did and break an actual window lol.  I believe his was an old one that he found and tested with.



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3 years ago

When in "test" mode, the sensor is just in "noise" mode, so a clap works fine.  In "real" mode, there are additional filters applied, so breaking glass is the best test.  Metal against ceramic is sometimes enough.  I dropped a bundle of metal tubes once and that set it off.

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3 years ago

I downloaded a couple of YouTube videos of glass breaking.  This one worked when the volume was turned up. Search "Breaking Window Glass"

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5 months ago

Frustrating. New owner of system. Nothing happens when I clap hands right in front of the Glassbreak sensor immediately after setting Test Mode via keypad then pressing sensor button. No part of the "clap test" instruction at https://simplisafe.com/blog/glass-break-sensors ( simplisafe dot com /blog/glass-break-sensors) seems to be correct, including that the "little amber light" on the sensor does not appear to even exist. Where can I find correct "clap" test procedure, or is there no such thing in current version of this sensor?

Also, how to open it to access the "sensitivity switch found under the battery"? (Even if that switch doesn't exist either, I'll eventually need to access the battery to replace it. I found this simplisafe video https://sprcdn-assets.sprinklr.com/2088/29da5f45-60cd-44ec-b4ed-db22c2eace27-2798433329.mp4 on the  support page https://support.simplisafe.com/articles/motion-sensor-gen-1/how-to-replace-batteries-in-simplisafe-devices/63447c1beb3c8e382dd025f6 but not sure it is helpful or current and I don't feel like risking cracking it by trying to force the back off.)

Links to simplisafe documentation is appreciated if it is good and current. If it isn't or it doesn't exist, any help from the community is greatly appreciated.

BTW I know the sensor is set up ok: when Test Mode is set via keypad, pressing button on sensor generates a "test signal received. Living Room Glassbreak Sensor" event as shown in the "Timeline" in the app.


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