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Sunday, November 28th, 2021 2:18 PM

Sprinter Van RV - Motion and glass break sensor sensitivity

I just purchased a SimpliSafe Haven system online yesterday to install in our Sprinter Van RV (will not be monitored at this time since locations will vary)

My question is how sensitive and/or adjustable are the motion sensors to movement OUTSIDE the RV but is visible from the inside through the tinted windows? We have fairly heavy, almost limo tint dark film on all the windows other than the windshield but you can definitely see out in the daytime.  Are the motion sensors going to trigger on things like people walking by down a sidewalk or other vehicles driving by that are visible through the windows?

Lastly, are the glass break sensors "tuned" so that they will trigger on broken vehicle window glass which is less of a "shattering" sound compared to residential glass?

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2 years ago

The motion sensors have a switch in them to adjust sensitivity. So you can try the default and then adjust if needed.

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2 years ago

Hi robstar1,

The Glassbreak Sensor is tested for your typical house environment. And since it's really a microphone that looks out for a specific sound, acoustics in the space play a big role in how they perform.

As for the Motion Sensors, they're meant for internal spaces. They work through passive infrared - that is, they detect a contrast in temperature moving around. That also means that they can't really work through glass, since it's an insulator. So yours shouldn't trigger from people moving around outside - though you might have trouble with sunlight flickering through trees, etc.

- Davey D.
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