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Friday, September 10th, 2021 3:23 PM

Spare screws for entry sensors

I was curious if anyone know where to purchase more entry sensor screws. These don't seem to be a part that SS offers for sale.

Short of a source, anyone know the specs on the screws so I can pick some up at the local hardware store? Other than, "They're really tiny."



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2 years ago

Hi downrege,

Those should be the 1/16 in screws, if you want to get your own. But you can give our Support team a call at 800-548-9508 and we can order spares for you!

- Johnny M.
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2 years ago

Personally, I'd temporarily remove one screw and take it along to the store to match up length, diameter, and head profile as close as possible.



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2 years ago

@whoaru99 its amazing I have not run into yet at the local Ace Hardware store! :-)
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