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Friday, March 11th, 2022 11:05 PM

slim magnets for double hung windows

Hi - I am looking to buy a new SS3 system. I have double-hung vinyl windows and want to install the sensor on bottom sash and magnet on top sash.  So, need a slim magnet for the top. I see many people have already asked in your blog, but do not find a clear and current answer.  What is the size of the magnet? Meaning, if the magnet is removed from the plastic case, what are the dimensions of the magnet itself (just the metal piece)?

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2 years ago

Hi cjcummin,

Our Support team does have a slim magnet available. Measurements are as follows: 1.1in x 0.39in x 0.2in.

The magnet cannot be removed from the casing.

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How do you go about getting a slim magnet? I ordered entry sensors for my double-hung windows and it looks like they're not the right size to work. Can I switch these entry sensors out for the slim ones?

Also, why doesn't SimpliSafe get out ahead of this problem and post some guidance on their website? Almost everyone who gets new windows gets the double hung variety. Don't make your customers struggle to find useful information.


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Just to be clear, the slim magnets are just the smaller piece of the sensor. We don't have a smaller version of the main sensor itself.

But you can get the Slim Magnets from our Support team. You can contact them via phone or chat here.

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