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Friday, February 21st, 2020 12:24 AM

Simplisafe Freeze/Temperature Sensor SSFS3

I recently installed a new sensor. Room temp 70 degrees low trigger point 41 high trigger point 95. On my computer device screen I have the large red freeze alarm banner at the top of my screen.
The status below for the device shows room temp @ 70 degrees/Alarm highlighted in red. Base station is not in alarm.
Tech support sent  out a replacement sensor and I continue to have the same problem. I advised tech support again and hopefully they will follow up.
Has anyone else seen this problem???
Thanks in advance

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4 years ago

Looks to be a common problem.  Please see this thread:



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4 years ago

Mine's been doing this since I got it.   I haven't applied the latest update to my system yet.
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