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Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 9:19 PM

Should entry sensors set off the alarm in home mode?

I can't open any windows or doors where the entry sensors are fitted without the alarm going off (when at home and the alarm set to 'home'). Is this right? Seems odd to have this when it's in this mode, I would only expect the alarms to go off when 'away'?

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4 years ago

Yes, that is the default setting.

You can change each entry sensor to be active in home & away or away only.

There are other settings too but those two options are directly relevant to your question.



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4 years ago

@heidimarie40 the SS3 system can be very customized.  The use of "instant trigger' will make any motion, break or entry sensor set off the alarm right away with no delay. In our home system in our 2 story colonial are all set to instant trigger except for the one entry door we use.  Note that on home mode our "entry delay" is set to zero, so it makes even that door instant. Hope this helps.

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4 years ago

Home mode is when u are home and want to be protected. Otherwise use OFF mode if you don't want the alarm to protect you.
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