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Friday, February 17th, 2023 4:21 PM

Sensors not responding

Hello - We have a home under the recommended square footage for a simplisafe system, but have had issues with the sensors in the basement (Door and Windows) not responding.   We have moved the base station frequently and have it in a place where all are connected but it is not in a convenient spot.  Has anyone have any tips for boosting the connection of the sensors?   Seems like having them sporadically not-respond would be a large liability.  

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1 year ago

Hi @Phils ,

You're already on the right track. Apart from range/distance, we also need to be aware of physical and wireless interference. That is, the signal from the sensors needs to pass through the physical world, and denser materials make that harder. At the same time, other wireless signals (especially those closer to the same low frequency that the sensors use to communicate) can drown out the sensor signals. So one way to improve performance is to move the Base Station to a different spot:

  • (Usually) in the middle of where all the sensors are installed
  • In a more open space, where dense objects aren't in the way. In your case, think: brick or concrete walls, stone floors, under-floor heating, metal shelving (especially wire shelving!), etc.
  • Away from other wireless devices - WiFi routers, wireless weather stations, remote controlled garage door openers, etc.

You mention that you managed to find a good spot already, but that it's inconvenient. Could you speak more on that? For example, if the issue is that you're not able to hear the Base Station where you normally are in the home, you might be interested in the Wireless Siren. It can relay countdown timers, door chimes, and of course the main siren. It can be placed anywhere in your home, or even outside.

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