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Tuesday, June 29th, 2021 2:22 AM

"Sensor Open" but it's not

Just in the last couple of days, my keypad is telling me I have a sensor open. I went around the house and checked them all. I checked my dashboard, both on my PC and the app, and can't find one open. They all say "closed". The system checked itself this morning.

Any ideas?

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3 years ago

Hi crunchem,

Which version of the SimpliSafe system do you have? I'm going to assume that you have the latest version (Gen3), but you can look at this page to see the difference.

From what you've written, it sounds like there's a persistent "Sensor Open" notification on your Keypad, but when you check the app, you don't see any sensor that's still marked as open?
Of course, whenever you want to know the most recent status, you want to refresh the app. From the Dashboard, you can pull down. And from the Device Setting screen you can hit the ???? refresh button on the top right.

But what I think is actually happening is that your Keypad isn't refreshing properly. Where is it located in relation to the Base Station (e.g. how far aware, and what is in between them)? For now, I'd suggest resetting the unit by taking out one of its batteries, then reinserting. It will reboot, and will be forced to re-check the correct system status.

- Johnny M.
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Thanks Johnny M.!
The problem went away shortly after I posted this question, and I forgot to come back here and look.

It's likely that along the way I did remove batteries from the keypad, and that's probably what fixed it.

Anyway, I really love my SimpliSafe!
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