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Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 2:52 PM

Sensor on thin metal entrance doors

Sensor will work, then is will not. Distance is approx 120 ft. ?

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2 years ago

Hi ramrod6619,


There's a couple of big factors to consider here. First, if the metal of the door is literally in the way between the sensor and your Base Station, the metal can block the signal. Depending on your setup, there might be a way to move the sensor to a different spot where it might have a better time with sending the signal.


The second thing is that the little piece of the sensor is just a simple magnet, which the bigger piece detects when it's nearby. So if you have either piece on a metal surface - specifically iron or steel, that can interfere with the magnetism. So either you'll see that the magnet isn't detected at all (resulting in a persistent "Open" state), or the sensor is always detecting (showing a persistent "Closed").

You can get around that by putting a layer of shielding underneath both pieces, maybe just a piece of wood or plastic, or even a double layer of adhesive.

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